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Asset Acquisition

Each real estate transaction has its unique challenges. Buying a commercial property can be a significant investment and most buyers choose a strong Broker on their side to help them navigate the process in a safer and more efficient way.

  • Step 1:  Establish Trust.
    Real Estate is a relationship business. We believe that being trust-worthy is our strongest asset.
  • Step 2: Discover Your Needs.
    We listen intently and ask the right questions to Discover your Needs/Goals.
  • Step 3: Help You Accomplish Your Real Estate Goals.
    Based on our Discovery, we design a game plan tailored to your needs.
  • Step 4: Close the deal.
    We negotiate on your behalf, and navigate the closing process.


Asset Disposition

We understand that disposing of your real estate assets is a very important financial decision.  We pride with having some of the best marketing packages in the industry.

Our team operates on four basic principles and steps:

Establish Trust -Discover Your Need - Help You Accomplish It- Close the deal



The valuation of a commercial real estate asset can be a painstaking and complicated affair. We use the latest and most up-to date industry analytics software, combined with our experience, knowledge of the market, and flair.


We come up with a unique marketing strategy based on our discovery process (Your Need). We implement it using proven techniques and channels.

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The value of an income producing property is directly related to the quality of its tenants and the type of leases that were negotiated. Landlords often choose to have an experienced Broker in their corner. One that can find the best possible tenants and can advise on the best possible lease structure for the space.


VANWALD AND ASSOCIATES can assist with Landlord Representation Brokerages Services. We pride with having some of the best marketing packages in the industry. We design each one with a series of unique and specific goals in mind.

For a sample of some of our marketing packages and current listings please contact us today!

Running a business is your number one priority. Finding the optimal site for your next venture, is ours.


As a business owner or manager you need a reliable and experienced Real Estate Broker to represent you and your company. For best results, we always apply our 4 Step process. We earn your Trust, listen intently and ask the right questions through our Discovery process. We design a unique strategy based on Discovery, and finally we close the deal for you.

As a Brokerage we are happy to work with Fortune 500 Corporations, as well as Start Up Companies that may be in desperate need of guidance. The leasing process is a daunting one, and with many moving parts. Having a Good Broker on your side can make all the difference.


For different types of leases, and more information visit the Net Lease Investments page, or contact us today!





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